Classical Guitars for Sale

The good news is you don't have to spend alot of money to get a very nice sounding classical Spanish guitar.

I'm the first to admit that if you want a top quality concert instrument you will need to get a handmade guitar built by a professional luthier. These guitars range in price from about $5000 and up. Look for a classical guitar maker with excellent recommendations and years of experience who offers a trial period and lifetime warranty. To read a few of my recommendations please click here.

But what about the players, parents, grandparents and others who are not in the market for a $5000 plus concert guitar and want the best quality for their money. They frequently contact me for advice.

This is what I tell them.

This is the information you need to choose an inexpensive factory built classical guitar that really does sound good.

Get a solid top guitar

This is by far the single most important feature. When you're shopping to buy a classical guitar don't get a laminated plywood top instrument. If the guitar has a solid top the model description will definitely say solid top.

Get a cedar top guitar

I actually prefer the sound of spruce for fine classic guitars but few manufacturers use high quality spruce. Most spruce trees grow with a twist and produce inferior tone-wood. This poor quality spruce is what you'll find in most factory made guitars.

Western Red Cedar trees on the other hand are very straight growing and rarely have much twist. The vast majority of the cedar used in the guitar industry is of a high quality. That's why I recommend cedar over spruce.

The spruce I use to build my classical guitars is acoustically superior. It comes from straight growing trees which I have harvested and processed myself. Here is a link to an article published by The Guild of American Luthiers about my spruce company — The Sante Fe Spruce Company. I no longer operate the company but I do have a lifetime supply of wood.

Get a Spanish Guitar

At this time the small factories in Spain are building the best sounding inexpensive classical guitars that I know of. A few factories are building most of the guitars for a host of well known and lesser known labels. The labels and prices change but the vast majority of the guitars are essentially the same models with slight variations.

These guitars are lightly yet well built responsive instruments. The Spanish manufacturers don't kill the acoustical qualities of their guitars with over bracing, thick finishes and general acoustical ignorance like much of their competition does. The finishes on the Spanish guitars might not be as perfect as the finish on the Japanese guitars but the Spanish made guitars sure do sound better.

Choose either laminated or solid wood for sides and back

Laminated sides and backs work very well so if you want to keep the cost down this is the way to go. These laminated guitars come in a number of wood choices such as mahogany, sapelle, mongoy, various rosewoods etc. The choices combined with slight variations in bindings, fretboard wood, shinier tuners etc. let the manufacturers and guitar dealers offer different prices. This helps sell guitars and make a little more money at the same time.

People like a choice and will find a price they're comfortable with. Laminated sides and backs out of any of these woods will essentially sound the same.

If you are a value shopper get the bottom of the line laminated sides and back model with a solid cedar top.

If you want an instrument that will sound a bit better buy a classical guitar that has solid rosewood back and sides and a solid cedar top.


To sum it up. When you're shopping for an inexpensive classic guitar with a good sound look for a solid cedar top Spanish guitar with either laminated or solid sides and back.

To get a very nice sounding solid rosewood and cedar guitar you can keep the price well under $2000 and under $500 for a laminated guitar with a solid cedar top.

I don't think spending over $2500 for a factory made nylon string guitar is a good idea.

Classical guitars for sale

Since I have received so many inquiries from people seeking less expensive but high quality student classical guitars I have decided to offer them. Please visit for more information and photos.

The classical guitars I am offering are built to my specifications by a high quality guitar manufacturer in Spain. The Pavan label is my own. Pavan guitars are built for and sold exclusively by me. A solid cedar top model with laminated sides and back is priced at $495 and a solid cedar top model with solid rosewod sides and back and an ebony fretboard start at $1275

I personally examine each guitar and adjust the playing action to make sure every guitar is set up to play well.

These guitars are an excellent value for the money. Other labels are selling similar Spanish guitars for much more.

UPDATE Since this newsletter came out I have sold a good number of these guitars and the players have been delighted wih them. Read some comments I've received from customers who now own these Spanish guitars.

If you are interested in learning about the warranty, approval period or to order a guitar please contact me at or call me toll free at 1-607-387-3875.


Thank You

My thanks to the many subscribers who sent me such a positive response after last months newsletter. And my special appreciation to the members who forwarded the newsletter to friends.

Best wishes,

Tom Prisloe

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