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If you want to learn how to play the classical guitar well, weekly classical guitar instruction under the guidance of a good instructor is the way to go. Whether you're a beginner or an advanced player, good classical guitar teachers and daily practice are great assets. Quality classical guitar lessons will save you time and frustration. And it will keep you from acquiring bad playing habits that will eventually hold you back.

Regular classical guitar lessons will help you stay focused and motivated

Advanced classical guitar players, including concert performers, can learn an incredible amount by studying with other musicians too. Accomplished musicians, other than guitarists, are a gold mine of musical knowledge and inspiration. Tap into it!

It's all about the music. On classical guitar I've studied with pianists, composers, conductors, cellists, lutenists, opera singers, harpsichord players and others. In retrospect, when I look back over these experiences I realize how eye-opening and immensely rewarding they were. In fact these lessons were some of the best classical guitar instruction I've ever had!

In a moment I'll give some suggestions to help you locate teachers for classical guitar lessons in your area... but first a short story.

In college I sang in a vocal jazz ensemble (not the good one). Bobby McFerrin, vocalist, educator, conductor, ten time Grammy winner and world class musician extraordinaire came and gave a workshop.

McFerrin told us that he regularly attends music workshops as a student and loves it. His enthusiasm for learning is inspiring. Just think. Bobby McFerrin, master musician and one of the worlds most innovative vocalists, still studies with and learns from others. A great example and lesson to us all.

Take a moment and read Bobby McFerrin's bio ( Pretty impressive. Studying with others works.

Locating classical guitar teachers

I frequently get e-mails and calls from people who want to learn how to play classical guitar but they are having trouble finding classical guitar teachers in their area. If you are having this problem here are a few suggestions to help locate a teacher.

How far are you willing to travel for classical guitar lessons? Lets say forty minutes. Get a map and draw a circle around your home with a radius of a forty minute drive. Call every music store, university/college, community college, private music and arts schools, music booking agencies, etc. to see if they know of any classical guitar teachers. If they don't know of any, get leads by asking if they could suggest someone who might know. Call other guitar teachers. They often know of someone who gives classical guitar lessons. Bulletin boards at music stores are also worth a look.

If you come up with a number of names, great! Call. Explain that you are interested in classical guitar instruction and ask the instructor to tell you about his/her method of teaching. Ask where they have studied classical guitar and get some student references, lesson price etc. There aren't specific answers you should be looking for but you will be able to get a gut feel for how the instructor relates and if they seem knowledgeable.

If you like what you hear ask to take a trial guitar lesson (paid of course). Take trial lessons with a number of instructors and then choose who to study with.

Give it a try!

The good news for advanced classical guitar players is that it is easy to find excellent musicians to take some lessons with. You probably already know some. Start with them or ask who they would suggest. Choir directors, civic orchestra directors, symphony players and university music depts are a good place to start. Ensemble directors and players know who the outstanding musicians are because they've played with them. Get some suggestions and give it a try.

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