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When I was eleven years old I became infatuated with the sound of the acoustic guitar. It didn't matter how well the guitar was played because I was totally absorbed by the sound of the instrument.

Playing the guitar was not a choice. It simply had to be. For my twelfth birthday, my father gave me a gigantic, ply-wood, steel-string, arch-top, Harmony guitar. I was the happiest kid in the world. My clarinet, the black torture stick, became history. I taught myself to play guitar.

While serving time in high school, a simple yet life changing event took place. I happened to play a classical guitar recording of John Williams performing a Giuliani Concerto. It was a transforming event.

The sound of classical guitar and the beauty of the music were so moving that the next day I rented a classical guitar. Soon after I built my first guitar. The instrument was not playable, but that didn't matter. I had gotten my feet wet and learned the fundamentals of classical guitar construction.

it's about the music

The most important thing to me then was not building guitars, it was the music. I had to play the music, and for the next twenty years that is what I did.

I lived in Spain and studied classical guitar with Eduardo Sanz de la Maza and Federico Cook and had the privilage of attending master classes under Maestro Emilio Pujol (student of Francisco Tarrega). In the U.S. I was fortunate to study with Phillip de Fremmery, Gregory Bonnenberger, Hector Garcia and earned a degree in the Creative Arts and Music from the University of Northern Colorado.

I founded the Santa Fe Spruce Company to supply Engelmann spruce to the luthier community worldwide. I constantly performed on the classical guitar, taught guitar at the College of Santa Fe and worked on my own instruments. Throughout this period I spoke with guitar builders about what they did and always closely inspected the classical guitars I liked and especially the guitars I didn't like.

By following my dreams and doing what fascinated me, I became a guitarist, musician and classical guitar builder.

When you order a Prisloe guitar you are dealing with a guitarist, musician and maker who understands that the true nature of a great concert guitar is to meet fully the demands of the music and serve the needs of each player.

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