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Besides the handmade concert classical guitars that I build myself, I also offer a line of high quality, moderately priced Spanish made guitars built to my specifications. To learn more about these guitars please visit Pavan Spanish Guitars.

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When I decided to build handmade guitars full time, I was already an accomplished musician and classical guitar performer. In 1979, I founded the Santa Fe Spruce Company which introduced Engelmann spruce to musical instrument builders worldwide. Customers included The Martin Guitar Company and numerous worldclass acoustic guitar makers. Through years of experience I have developed a distinct concept of the sound and playing qualities concert classical guitars should have.

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Every nylon string guitar has a distinctive voice. But the best concert guitars share certain key attributes. This is what you'll discover in Prisloe guitars.

  • You will find that the notes play evenly over the entire range of each string.
  • The treble and bass strings are well balanced.
  • The tonal range is very broad. Musicians who play my guitars discover that changing tone color is easy to do with only slight changes in their angle of attack.
  • My guitars are resonant and respond quickly with little force from the fingers.
  • The guitars can be played softly while retaining clarity and sustain, which gives the player a broader dynamic range.
  • The instruments are powerful and easy to play.
  • The tone is clear, yet warm, with a well-defined edge and good separation of voices. Musicians consistently tell me that the overall voice of my custom classical guitar is beautiful.

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Listen to music played on a Prisloe classical guitar performed by Todd Woodbury from the CDIdance dance.

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